Local shop owners rejoice over 'Small Business Saturday'

As the Black Friday madness wore off, shoppers of a different kind got out to support their small, local businesses Saturday.

"Small Business Saturday" has become a tradition nationwide, growing in popularity thanks to the efforts of local businesses, as well as large companies like American Express.

At the Carmel City Center, many of the small businesses have opened within the last year. They used this Saturday to draw in new customers and put a personal touch on each shoppers' experience.

"I just opened in August, so it's very important for me to have the awareness and (for) people to know that we're here," Bath Junkie owner Melissa Farmer said.

Farmer was on hand, along with many other small business owners, to personally meet and help customers.

At nearby store The Bike Line, longtime co-owner Jimmy Revard knew exactly why reaching out to the community with a day like this is important.

"My brothers and I are second generation owners ... We've poured our hearts and souls into this business and into the community too," Revard said.

The hype over this day devoted to small business is only growing. Last year, an estimated 103 Americans shopped locally on Small Business Saturday.

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