Local security agencies step up presence in wake of Arizona shooting

In the aftermath of the deadly mass-shooting at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' political event in Tuscon, Indianapolis security officers will have an increased presence at similar events.

Chief of Homeland Security of the Indianapolis area Gary Coons said his department is keeping a close eye on intelligence surrounding the shooting in Tuscon that left six people dead and critically injured Giffords.

"We believe this was a lone wolf, but we don't want a copy cat crime here. So we are stepping up security to deter any threat," said Coons.

Coons also said it's important for ordinary citizens to alert officers of suspicious behavior.

"We always say if you see something, say something. If it just doesn't seem right, or someone is posting strange messages on social sites, let us know and we'll be there to check it out," said Coons.

Indiana State Police spokesperson Rich Myers said officers are always reviewing procedures, to be prepared for the worst.

"It could happen anywhere and we have to be aware of that and of our protocols that we have in place  if something like this does happen," said Meyers.

Local politicians who feel uneasy or threatened can request extra security from State Police.