Living In A Football Fantasy World

It is a sport "lived out" by thousands each game day as they hope their team will be the best and make them one of the experts

By Bill Remeika

Never has any one sport ever enjoyed so much attention like the NFL. From the Spring NFL draft to training camps and all the way to opening day, the NFL has become the sport of choice for people from all walks of life. I once heard the comment that while baseball may be our pastime, the NFL has become our passion.

And nothing has fueled that passion more than those that participate in fantasy football. Suddenly we are all experts now because we are more “educated”, or so we think, as we know the players, the teams, and the other ins and outs of the game thanks in part to our involvement with fantasy football.  I have yet to run into anyone who doesn’t think they already know more than you. Ask for advice but be prepared for a long drawn dissertation that will leave you feeling light headed after 30 seconds.

So while we are on the subject of fantasy football, I thought I would share my own observations on maybe the most important position; quarterback.

If this is the year of the quarterback, and you happen to have one of the elite like Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees or Tom Brady, then you are probably set for the season. Even if they have a mis-step with one or two games, you can live with that ‘cause you know they will bounce back.
However if you own Michael Vick, or any Arizona Cardinal quarterback, or are secretly hoping that the “Suck for Matt Barkley” campaign is sooner than later for your favorite team, then you are in for a very long season. I know it is early, but I think Vick is one hit away from folding like a deck of cards and for Arizona, poor wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald must be hoping that retired Kurt Warner might consider a comeback in any shape or fashion just so he can have a ball actually thrown to him and not to the other team.

Obviously Seattle, Kansas City and Cleveland all are in the “Suck for Barkley’ sweepstakes so maybe they will just forfeit their games early and save us all the pain.

Did anyone figure that RG3 and Luck would be successful early on or did you think they would flop around like grounded fish? If you have the opportunity to trade for these guys, then do it, and start them without hesitation each and every week.

Finally in the “proceed with caution” category, if your quarterback is Matt Schaub of Houston or Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears or Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons, be weary of those early season stats and successes. Of the three only Ryan is the one I would put money on to come down the stretch and produce. The others have a way of imploding which is about normal for them.

Ah, don’t you feel better now that you have another expert giving you more stuff to clog your brain? Don’t worry, the games will soon be played and you will have another 5 days to recover before it starts all over again.  

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