Keshia Knight Pulliam lives in Atlanta with a teacup Yorkie and a cocker spaniel. This month she appears in the Tyler Perry film "Madea Goes to Jail." Once upon a time, she played youngest daughter Rudy Huxtable on "The Cosby Show." She is all of 29.

So you went off to Spelman College in the late '90s and never left Atlanta?

That's pretty much what happened. Oh, my goodness, I'm telling my age. I think it was '97 [when] I entered school. I've always loved the city of Atlanta.

What is this Atlanta scene? Everybody lives there!

I know, it's kind of crazy! It wasn't like that at first.

Is it like, everywhere you go, you run into Usher's wife and Sheree Whitfield from "Real Housewives"?

The one thing about Atlanta is you can have your little niche and do your own thing. But if you go to certain events you run into that whole contingent. It's changed a lot -- there's a lot more than the Waffle House.

And then there's the Tyler Perry compound.

Mmm hmm. He has an absolutely wonderful studio. It's the only thing like it probably in the South! It's huge. It's beautiful.

Everyone always says he's like the nicest, sweetest guy in the world. That's so boring!

I mean, he is wonderful to work with, I must say. I think the thing I definitely appreciate -- he's wonderful and all this -- but the thing I'm most intrigued by and want to learn most is his great sense of business. He's turned this whole Tyler Perry thing into such a great brand, from pretty much nothing into this whole empire. Of course he's a nice guy and wonderful to work with, but he has a tremendous business mind.

White Hollywood is slowly catching up to that.

Yeah. He's kind of come in out of nowhere and has kind of done it in a formula that's all his own. And you have to respect that. He had a vision and no matter how many naysayers, he made that happen -- no matter what color you are. At the end of the day, green is only one color.

Are you a single lady?

Um. I enjoy life every day!

Now that you've seen an empire like this from the inside, do you want to produce?