IUPUI students react to body found near downtown trail

A family wants answers after a woman is found dead along a downtown trail.


A family wants answers after a woman is found dead along a downtown trail. 51-year-old Sherese Bingham died from a gunshot wound to the chest.  Two dogs were guarding her body.

The body was found adjacent to the IUPUI campus near the intersection of Limestone and New York streets.  The family tells Fox 59 they have no clue what happened.

The White River Parkway is usually busy with bikers and runners mostly during the day. It's the path that connects IUPUI’s campus to some of its dorms. Those who go through it every day can't believe what they saw.

Brad Wisowaty, IUPUI dental student, bikes through the White River Parkway every day.

"I got almost all the way over the bridge and there was a bunch of cop cars. I didn't know what it was," said Wisowaty. "All of a sudden, the cop came running towards me and told me to go the other way."

Another biker found Bingham’s body on the ground Wednesday night.  A handgun was found nearby.

"We heard the sirens and everything," said Andrew Harkness, an IUPUI freshman. "It's kind of weird that it's only couple hundred yards away from our apartment."

"It's definitely more shocking than I originally thought," said Wisowaty.

The Coroner's Office is not saying if this was a homicide or suicide. Wisowaty said he saw the two German Shepards who were protecting Bingham’s body.

"It was trotting behind me," said Wisowaty. "I don't think it was actually following me, but was trying to get away from all the police officers."

Indianapolis Animal Control ended up stepping in to remove those two dogs. It is currently working to reunite the dogs with the family.

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