NEW: In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, IPS Superintendent Dr. Eugene White issues one hour delay Monday.

This after the State Department of Education told the district declaring a two hour delay after the Super Bowl doesn't qualify as an emergency. State Superintendent Dr. Tony Bennett told IPS if they went forward, they'd have to make up an extra day by the end of the year.


Some potentially bad news for IPS students.

The Indiana Department of Education says the planned super bowl school delay does not meet state guidelines. Therefore, should IPS take the two hour delay, they'll have to make it up by the end of the year.

State officials say while they support the Colts, the two-hour delay policy is only allowed for emergencies.

IPS leaders are reacting to the news, they announced a press conference for late Wednesday afternoon.

We'll stay on it, and update this story.


Indianapolis Public Schools decide to delay school by two hours on Monday, due to the Super Bowl.

In a press release (see below), officials say they anticipate some staff members may not be able to arrive on time at 5:30 since the game may go late into Sunday evening.

IPS said firmly, closing school was not an option. The two hour delay applies to all IPS staff.

Superintendent Dr. Eugene White called it a "unique situation." He said he feels this was the best solution to allow students and parents to enjoy the game and cheer on the home team, allowing time to get the focus back on school the following day.

Dr. White also said it was appropriate action given the support the Colts have provided to IPS schools.

On Friday, February 5th, IPS has waived school dress code, allowing students and staff to wear blue and white in support of the team.


IPS students and staff will get a delayed start to classes and work on Monday, Feb. 8 - one day after the Indianapolis Colts play in Super Bowl XLIV.

The delay acknowledges that some staff may not arrive at work at their scheduled 5:30 a.m. start time because of the late start of the game on Sunday, Feb. 7. However, closing schools is not an option.

"A two-hour delay provides a compromise that ensures our children will arrive at school safely," said Superintendent Eugene G. White.

"Children need to be in school. But this is a unique situation that doesn't happen every year. The delay will allow our families and staff to cheer on our home team and focus on the business of education."

The two-hour delay applies to staff at all IPS facilities, including the John Morton-Finney Center for Educational Services and Facilities Management Division.

"IPS and the Colts share a special partnership," said Dr. White.

"Thanks to former Coach Tony Dungy, students participate in the Carson's Scholars program. The Warm Hands, Warm Feet project provides needed winter wear to our children. I could list many more projects the Colts engage in with the district. IPS is pleased to support the Colts on their quest for the Vince Lombardi Trophy."

Additionally, the district's dress code will be waived on Feb. 5 so that staff and students can participate in the citywide Blue Friday celebration. Students will be allowed to wear jeans, jerseys and other clothing that supports the Colts. Clothing still must be appropriate for school (for example, skirts should reach the fingertips when arms are extended, no tears or holes).