Humane society to open west side animal welfare center

The Humane Society of Indianapolis will soon open a welfare center to help curb disease and euthanization


Every year, 25,000 animals are referred to the Humane Society of Indianapolis and Animal Care and Control. About 10,000 of the animals are destroyed annually. The Humane Society will open an animal welfare center at West Michigan Road and Holmes Street next spring to address that problem.

"It will house our vaccination clinic. Eventually, it will house our high-volume spay and neuter facility," said Shelter Director Kristen Vantwoud. "Low cost vaccines, flea control, heartworm prevention, those sorts of things."

With few veternarians serving the Haughville area, the anticipated opening of the center is good news for Jawaun Faris and his dog Smokey, a retired police dog.

"There's a lot of dogs over here but not a lot of places to take them so I think people would go there."

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