Gubernatorial candidates meet for first time Tuesday


The candidates for Indiana Governor met together for the first time on IUPUI's campus Tuesday night.

The forum didn't get heated. Each candidate had about a 20 minute conversation with former Indiana Chief Justice Randall Shepard. All three candidates were there: Republican Mike Pence, Democrat John Gregg and Libertarian Rupert Boneham.

Boneham talked about energy policies and was able to get a chuckle out of the crowded room when referring to wind mills on Interstate 65, "It blows there. It blows hard. We need more windmills."

There were no jabs at each other Tuesday night, just conversations with the former chief justice about education, workforce development, taxing and energy and environmental policies.

"I think Hoosiers should be proud that Indiana has become the fiscal envy of the country," said Pence.

"I am all for education reform," said Gregg, "but I would include the teachers in the reform."

Election day is just a few months away on Nov. 6.

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