Getting ready for back to school

According to the National Retail Federation parents plan to see what they have at home first before buying back to school supplies.  NRF said families will purchase a generic brand, shop online more this time around or snatch-up sale prices before they walk out of the store.

"Now we're down to the nitty gritty.  We're just shopping for bargains, trying to find the best bargains..things that we need," Kim O'Brien said.  She has two kids heading back to Sheridan schools this year.

Briana Metcalf has children starting in schools in Carmel.  She said she is also looking for a deal.  "At this point my kiddos are keeping it very easy on me and they're being flexible.  We go with 'el cheapo' when we can," Metcalf said.

Metcalf said she is getting what she needs from the school list and is thankful for stores that have plenty of savings.  "The game plan is definitely follow the school list.  We're not doing anything special.  We're very happy there are the discount stores with the good prices," she said.

With school around the corner, O'Brien said she knows she is shopping for supplies closer to the start of the school year.  "This is my first trip here with just a week before school starting.  I'm just now getting out 'cause we've really taken our time to go through the house," she said.

O'Brien isn't the only one, according to NRF, 43.7 percent of people are trying to save a little.  According to the site, on average, this year, families with children in K-12 will spend $604 for clothes, school supplies and electronics, which is down a few bucks from last year.