Hollywood comes to the Heartland for the premiere of "Flipped"

For a few hours on the Monday afternoon, Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis transformed to a Hollywood-esque setting for the premier of Director Rob Reiner's new movie, "Flipped."

Fox59's Tisha Lewis spoke to the stars of the movie, asking them the big question of the night, "What are you wearing?"

"Oh wow!  David Meister.  David Meister and I'm wearing Judith Ripka jewelry.  Isn't it beautiful?  I have to give them back but I'm happy to be wearing them for the night," said actress Penelope Ann Miller, playing character Trina Baker in Reiner's new film.

Hundreds of fans and familiar faces came out for a star-studded night in the Circle City to celebrate the thought-provoking movie, highlighting values and much more.

According to Reiner, "I make films about human beings that live on earth, there are not a lot of explosions, there's not a lot of CGI [Computer-generated imagery], it's about real human beings with real feelings going through the things that we all go through."

The Heartland Truly Moving Pictures non-profit organization honored Reiner with the nationally-coveted "Truly Moving Picture" award.

Heartland lobbies Hollywood to make movies that generate thought and promote positive images and values.

12 year old Julia Hershey was also thrilled to be a part of the movie as featured extra.  Hershey said, "I was a featured extra so I got to be used in the classroom scenes and I became good friends with the stars."

Fox59's Tisha Lewis reunited Hershey with the film's star actress Madeline Carroll who shared these words of wisdom with Hershey and other aspiring actresses.

"Make sure you really like it because it takes up way too much time and also in this business there's a lot of devastation...when you really want a part and you don't get the part, it sucks, but I think there's always something for everybody," said Carroll.

To watch the trailer of "Flipped" Click Here.