Stretching your dollar is focusing on travel. Are you tired of the unexpected costs? Here are a few great ways to save you money and avoid travel troubles.

Start with seat assignments! If you don't want to be squeezed in the middle seat or have no leg room, you can choose your seat. But WARNING: Some airlines, like Airtran are charging for choosing your seat.

Here's the solution, let the airlines choose, or choose an airline that doesn't charge. Fortunately, few airlines are charging for seat assignments right now, and if they do, it's generally under $10.

Look out for this one: Fees AFTER you arrive, especially at a resort. Some places charge you a daily fee of $25, and you have no idea until you get to your destination. The reason, it's NOT included in your original purchase. Businesses can get away with it because the fee is written in the tiny print of your contract. So read it carefully before booking a reservation.

Checked baggage: Almost all airlines now make you pay to check a bag. Often, it can be as high as $50 roundtrip! Spirit Airlines will even charge passengers for luggage you put in the overhead bin. That takes place August 1st.

Here are a couple solutions, take Southwest Airlines. You can still check-in two bags for free. Jetblue also offers free bag service for one checked-in piece of luggage. You can always use the overhead bins, (except on Spirit). And don't forget, use the space under your seat. Many small bags will fit under the seat, and it's free.

What about the best kind of currency to take on a trip? It used to be Travellers checks were the choice, but not anymore! Travel agents say they come with a lot of fees now. A lot of places will even refuse to take them, including, hotels and cruise ships. The best best is your ATM card or credit card.

If you're travelling out of the country you can avoid all card charges! Simply exchange your dollars for the currency at your destination country, such as Euro's in Europe.

"Do what you can On-line" when arranging travel. On-line is almost always the cheapest method. Did you know checking bags costs more at the counter, albeit only a few bucks. Buying a ticket or redeeming miles is also cheapest on-line. You're cutting out the middle man, and therefore saving a few dollars.

Speaking of the internet, Check internet access before making hotel reservations, if you plan to use a computer. Surprisingly, more expensive hotels charge for internet use, especially in your room. The "less expensive" hotels often offer it for free. And the good news, as more places offer internet service for free, expensive hotels will have to cave-in and do the same.

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