The Muncie Fire Department is grieving the loss of one of their own after a church roof collapsed Wednesday.

Scott Davis had been unaccounted for after the roof of the Tabernacle Praise Baptist Church collapsed. Hour's later, Davis was saluted as his remains were placed inside an ambulance.

"Three firemen broke out ladders and were climbing on the roof to chop holes in it," witness Vince West said.

West said he didn't know what to think as the flames shot through the roof.

"I seen them take off runing to get off the roof. i seentwo get off the roof i didn't see the third one," he said.

The large fire destroyed the Muncie, Indiana church. Fox59 News learned water had to be brought in to the scene due to the fact no fire hydrants were nearby.

"Our church is broken hearted at this point," Senior Pastor John Tyner said.

"When we look out there we're just looking out at a shell of a sanctuary where we once worshiped."

Though Senior Pastor John Tyner said it hard watching the church burn, it was even harder knowing what happened soon after firefighters arrived.

"The way the wind was blowing and everything it just started growing and growing and growing," witness Mark Watson said.

Mark Watson was among the first church members on the seen as the smoke turned to flames, and he also saw the firefighters on the front line put their lives on the line.

"They come flying in and started ripping out hoses and everything, busting the door in the front and started going in, and the next thing you know I could see water spraying out the roof, so I knew they were fighting it, and then I seen the steeple start to fall," Watson said.

"So thankful for the service of all the firefighters and we are so proud of them and they are heroes," Tyner said.

The congregation joined in prayer when they first heard that one of those heroes went missing and tonight those prayers and that heartache continue for those he left behind.

"Our church is praying for the family, and we're holding them up in prayer," Tyner said. "We just want everybody to know that."

The church said they will meet in the parking lot if they have to until their building is rebuilt.