Company offers homeowners money to temporarily turn homes into painted billboards


There’s a new nationwide way to save homeowners money, and now it has arrived in Indianapolis.

One company offers homeowners money in exchange for turning their house into a billboard. 

“This is a great idea, if we are accepted, they will pay my mortgage for each month that the billboard stays on the house,” said homeowner Denise Whittaker, who lives off Fall Creek Parkway.

The company called Brainiacs from Mars has helped to paint more than 3,000 homes.  The company CEO is Romeo Mendoza.
“We'll pay your mortgage every month for the entire months that the house is painted,” said CEO Romeo Mendoza. “That can last anywhere from a month, all the way up to a year.  And at the end of the year, we repaint your house, back to any colors you choose, and that's on us.”
For Whittaker, that means getting about $1,700 a month. 

Brainiacs from Mars gets advertisers to pay for billboards on homes.  Generally the homes they choose are close to foreclosure, or the owners just need some financial help.  The company has about 215 Indianapolis applicants applying for the deal.

It’s not too late to apply!  The company is only in the application phase for painting homes in 2013 for Indianapolis.  More people will apply than those who are chosen.    Whittaker said she is still waiting to see if she's selected. 
To apply, go to and fill out an application. 

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