UPDATE: Andrew Compton's parents have been in Louisville combing the streets looking for their son the last eight of the 10 days he's been missing.

"He could have possibly just walked down the street if he was going to the dorm as the person he was last seen with claims," said John Compton.

The Carmel family says they are doing all they can to make sure everyone in the Bardstown Road and Highland area of Louisville see their son's face in case they have seen or do see him. Surveillance video obtained by Fox59 News shows the 18-year-old getting into a car driven by a man Louisville Metro Police continue to call a person of interest.

The man, who apparently met Andrew online, claims to have had too much to drink and last saw Andrew heading back to his dorm room near the Sullivan campus which is immediately adjacent to the I-264 Watterson Expressway.

"We know our son and we know Andrew's disposition and he is very quiet.  It just doesn't add up and it doesn't make sense," said Andrew's mother Angela.

At times the Compton's have felt as if they were not getting much help from police. One of the teen's classmates says she personally saw his parents deliver flyers and knows that they were not posted on campus.

"We have no idea. His parents came around and showed flyers but they're not up. I have seen nothing on campus and this guy has been missing for 10 days," the student told Fox 59 News.

The Compton's say they may soon be getting help from a K-9 search and rescue organization. They are also considering the use of a reputable psychic who works with police in missing persons cases.


John and Angela Compton are going door-to-door and handing out "missing person" fliers, hoping somebody in Louisville has seen their son Andrew.

"We've had some people call in, either from the fliers we're putting up or from the Facebook event and say they've seen him," John Compton said.  "But we've followed up on almost all of them and none of them really seem to pan out."

Andrew Compton graduated from Carmel High School and has been attending Culinary School at Sullivan University. He's been missing since the Thursday before Halloween. The last time Angela Compton spoke to her son, she says everything seemed fine but later that night, the Comptons and Louisville Police believe Andrew left his dorm room to go with a 40-year old man he had met on the internet.

Security footage at the dorm showed Andrew being picked up by the man but Andrew left without his backpack or laptop and wearing shorts, possibly indicating that he didn't expect to be gone long. Angela Compton says meeting with somebody from the internet is something Andrew has done before. It happened once after Andrew had turned 18, but was still in high school. 

"So, you know we had, definitely a huge discussion about it. And, you know, restricted his use of the car and all of that. But apparently he didn't stop," she said.

Louisville Police say they have interviewed the 40-year old man Andrew met with and have not named him as a suspect. In fact, they say they don't have any evidence of foul play but John and Angela do worry that something bad has happened to Andrew.  They also feel Louisville Police are not investigating the case more aggressively.

"Carmel has issued a search warrant for cellphone records. The Louisville Police weren't really interested in doing that," Angela said. 

For the Comptons, the timing of this doesn't make sense. They wonder why their son would disappear now as he is making many new friends and enjoying new freedom at college. They say they do have some family in Arizona and California but if Andrew showed up there, they believe their family members would call them.

In addition to searching the streets of Louisville, the Compton family is maintaining several websites related to the search. They include a Facebook page, another site for background information and photos, and another site for updates on the search effort.

Anyone with information is asked to call police in Carmel or Louisville.