Brownsburg crash that killed teen remains under investigation

Detective Sergeant Jennifer Pyatt-Barrett said marijuana, alcohol and speeding may have played a role in the crash.


Detectives continue to investigate why a car with five teenagers crashed into a tree Saturday morning.

Detective Sergeant Jennifer Pyatt-Barrett said marijuana, alcohol and speeding may have played a role in the crash. 

"Part of the investigation is going to be looking into the fact we had some potential underage drinking involved and/or use (of) illegal drugs,” said Pyatt-Barrett. “So part of that investigation will be…we will be looking into each (of the) occupants as well as toxicology (results).”

Before 9 a.m. Saturday, detectives were called to the 6900 block of County Road 550 East in Brownsburg.  A Pontiac Grand Am had crashed into a tree and five people were in the car.
Chris Hubbard, 17, was driving.  He suffered from a hip fracture, punctured lung and a cracked sternum, Pyatt-Barrett said.  Shawn Bloomquist, 18, sat in the passenger seat.  He is in critical condition at St. Vincent Hospital. 

According to Pyatt-Barrett, Bloomquist was the only person, wearing a seatbelt.  In the backseat, behind Bloomquist was Taylor LaMonte, 16.  She was taken to Wishard Hospital.  Pyatt-Barrett said she suffered a dislocated knee, broken leg, broken hip, broken pelvis and two broken arms.  Nathan Gentry, 18, sat next to LaMonte.  He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.  The last person in the car, 16-year-old Ian Cherco, was seated next to Gentry behind the driver.  He was released from the hospital on Sunday.

"It's so sad because they were so young," Dustin Stamm said.  Stamm said he was friends with many of the people in the car. 

Since the crash, people have been leaving balloons, flowers, and crosses on and in front of the tree where the crash happened.  Deanna Whetstone, who did not know any of the teenagers in the car, placed a cross in front of the tree.  She was one of the first people to see emergency crews arrive to help after the crash, Saturday morning.

"I just happened to be leaving as the emergency vehicles were arriving.  I just called my kids and I said 'I don't know what exactly happened, but please pray'," she recollected.

A number of Gentry's friends and family held a vigil where the crash happened in his honor, Sunday evening, which was one day after the crash.  People listened to music, they lit candles, and talked. 

"We really miss him a lot and we love him to death and we're going to wish him farewell and pay respects," Stamm said.

Nathan Gentry's father, Al, said his son was a wrestler and eagle scout. 

"Nathan's a good kid, I mean, it's just tragic.  It's long before his time.  He's 18-years-old and had his whole life in front of him," Al Gentry said.  "He had everything going for him.”

Brownsburg police detectives are waiting for toxicology results to come back.  The crash is under investigation.  Pyatt-Barrett said the teenagers had left the Bloomquist residence before the crash happened.  Where they were headed is unclear. 

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