It's been quite awhile since I updated this, but a lot has happened:

1. I participated as a skater in my first roller derby bout last month in Evansville.  Not my finest moment, although I did get a few decent hits in.

2. I announced my first roller derby bout this past weekend at Ellenberger Park here in Indianapolis.  My team, the Circle City Socialites, took on Demolition City again.  While it wasn't a win for us, it was in many respects.  We closed a rather large gap in scoring - this time around the final score was 135-73.  Don't ask me to tell you what the score was a month-and-a-half ago - it doesn't need repeating. 

While I loved announcing (I like to yell stuff like, "fans - I can't hear you!" and "she just cut through the pack like a knife through butter"), I'd still rather be skating and bouting.
Speaking of which, my league has nearly back-to-back bouts approaching.  On May 9th, we go BACK to Evansville to battle the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana.  Then, on May 30th, we battle the ladies of our sister league, Bleeding Heartland (Bloomington), in Bloomington

Talk about a whirlwind - we're going to be busier this month than many Indy Racing League drivers!

In other derby-related news, the Naptown Roller Girls have returned home with another point in the "win" column - the Tornado Sirens soundly defeated Dixie Derby Girls in Huntsville, Alabama.  A home double-header May 30th is up next for Naptown, with both the A- and B-teams taking on Fort Wayne at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

The Socialites will be back in this area June 20th to face the Stateline Derby Divas of Rockford, Illinois.  We're hosting several bouts at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds for a little change of pace.  Stay tuned for ticket information on that!