The early morning storms on January 17th mainly brought minor wind damage and standing water to Central Indiana. But in the extreme southern part of the state, 3 tornadoes touched down briefly.

Storms moved through Central Indiana in the early morning hours on Tuesday, January 17th.  In our viewing area, wind damage, high wind gusts and flash flooding reports were received from the National Weather Service.  But just a bit farther to the south closer to the Kentucky state line, 4 weak tornadoes touched down.  Here's a summary of those events from the National Weather Service in Louisville.

Jefferson County - EF-0

An EF-0 tornado touched down at 10:40 AM at the Madison Municipal County Airport.  The tornado touched down briefly and moved a 500 pound dumpster 35 feet. It also moved a  plane and the nose gear was broken in that process.  You can see that plane pictured below. The airport operations building had minor damage to the front of the structure. Part of a hangar`s siding came off with siding and insulation up in trees. Several trees were snapped along the narrow path. A witness saw the swirl as the tornado touched down.  The tornado was on the ground for .3 miles, with a width of 60 yards and it packed 85 mph winds.

Clark County - EF-0

An EF-0 tornado first touched down at the Wal-Mart parking lot on the northwest corner of the Veteran`s Parkway near I-65 at 11:06 AM Tuesday. A vehicle was turned over on I-65, then the tornado skipped over an area before coming down again on a subdivision to the east, with damage occurring along Belmar Dr and Meadows Dr as well as at the intersection of Kingsfield St and Crown Ct. It took down several fences, with evidence of cyclonic circulation. It lifted again before coming down and taking the roof of a barn on Armstrong Road, where the tornado ended. The tornado was on the ground for 1.9 miles, was 30 yards wide and packed 75 mph winds.

Floyd County - EF-1

EF-1 Tornado first touched down at 11:00 AM on East Riley Road in County Floyds Knobs, where a garage was destroyed. The tornado continued east across the Knobs toward Binford Road, where it took multiple trees down. The tornado crossed Paoli Pike just north of I-265 and caused roof damage at the Knob Point Apartments. The picture below from a survey team shows the path of the storm through this area. The tornado was on the ground for 1.2 miles, was 50 yards wide and had winds estimated at 95 to 100 mph.

Jefferson County - Straight Line Wind Damage

At 10:41 AM, additional damage occurred east of the tornado damage at Madison Municipal Airport. The damage path was 150 yards long and 75 yards wide.  The wind speeds were estimated at 90 to 95 mph. First a nearby carport at a residence on Long Way was thrown across the road. Farther east, significant roof damage occurred at the main building at Clifty Engineering and Tool in the 2900 block of Clifty Drive, just west of Clifty Falls State Park. There was significant roof damage to the top of the main building and to a large storage building just behind it. All of the damage was directed to the east, including a tree that was down.

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