Colts Camp: Collie likes what he sees from Luck
The National Football League preseason continues it's kickoff week Wednesday night with a total of six games on Thursday night, ultimately featuring an overall ten Pro Bowl quarterbacks. In Central Indiana, one might be featured more than the rest.

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos make their season debut tonight at 8:30 p.m. against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, and just like many Indianapolis Colts fans that are interested in seeing their former star, some current Colts are interested in catching a glimpse of the man in dark blue and orange

"Definitely it we get time," said Antoine Bethea.

"We might be in meetings still since everything got pushed back a little bit, but by time we try to watch we'll probably be out of the game chilling. But hopefully he does well."

Bethea isn't only interested in checking out how Manning performs in there interest of being a fan of the sport of football, but more for reasons that dig deeper much personally.

"In the six years I played with him, we built a family. So when we part ways, and guys go to different teams, obviously you want to see them do well." ______________________________

The Indianapolis Colts roster will find themselves very familiar with I-69 on Thursday.

After potential rain forced morning walk-throughs to be held in-doors, the afternoon practice at Anderson University has been cancelled due to the weather and will be moved to the Colts practice complex on 56th Street. The practice is closed to the public and the rain has caused a small disruption in the Colts training camp process, but it is business as usual for the players.

"It is a little odd," said cornerback Brandon King.

"I've never been back to Indy before for a practice when you're doing camp. We are going to make the best of it though, and they are going to make sure we get all of our work in."

King, a former Boilermaker that played four games for the Colts in 2011 after getting signed from the Dolphins practice squad, knows that this practice time is valuable.

"I have to prove everything out there just like everyone else does," said King."It is a performance-based league and you get paid by performance. If you don't perform, you don't get paid."

King knows this best, and was waived by the Colts prior to the 2011 season. With another chance with the squad, he is looking to make the most of this opportunity starting on Sunday against the Rams.

"I just want to be consistent and make plays," said King. "You got to make plays, but just being consistent and playing to the best of my ability."


For Colts wide receiver Austin Collie, the goal for Sunday's preseason game against the Rams is pretty simple: Just play football.

"Just stick with the usual stuff," said Collie.

"Just remain calm, relax, and just go out there and play. This being my fourth year, I think I have gotten to the point where I am comfortable going out there. The speed of the game is slowed down a bit, and that is just the main thing. I just need to make sure that I am on the stuff."

Collie played in all sixteen games last season, but had career-lows for both touchdowns (one) and receptions (54) in the 2011 season. Much of that though can be contributed to the Colts futility at quarterback last season, but with rookie quarterback Andrew Luck now at the helm, Collie is catching balls from a player that could potentially make a big impact on his season totals.

"He is just putting the ball where it needs to be," said Collie about Luck.

"He is taking both ownership of the team and ownership of the offense. He has done a great job of that over the past few weeks of making sure everybody know that he is the quarterback and that he is the chief in commander."