Wow: Are There Really 7 States Between Here and the Dems National Convention Site?

It's nice to know that, at a point in history when national political conventions have become virtually meaningless, the Connecticut Democratic Party is sending a Winnebago loaded with 200 pounds of equipment down to Charlotte, N.C.

Charlotte is the site of this year's Democratic National Convention. You know, the one where Barack Obama will be renominated for a second term, and thousands of reporters will be feverishly scrambling to come up with something - anything - that could be classified as "news."

The Connecticut Democratic Party's press release about their national convention (which runs Sept. 3-6) includes the startling factoid that "the trip from Hartford, CT to Charlotte, NC is an estimated 12 hours and 59 minutes long."

Even more shocking is that the Democratic Winnebago will travel through seven - count 'em - seven states: Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.


But it does give you a true sense of how little real news is likely to come out of this political dog-and-pony show. Of course, the Mitt Romney Show (otherwise known as the Republican National Convention) isn't likely to be any more interesting.

That bad boy will run from Aug. 27-30 in Tampa. On second thought, the GOP confab might get real interesting if a hurricane were to blow through while they were in Tampa.