Women in the Army Can Now See Combat

Yesterday, America took a giant stride toward gender equality by allowing military women to serve in combat. The order was signed yesterday by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, and could provide over 230,000 jobs to women. This does not mean that the military will relax its strict physical requirements. From USA Today:

The military has different physical standards based on age and sex for the Army and Marines. In either service, the standards for both sexes would be the same for those trying to get into the infantry and other combat arms specialties.

"The department's goal in rescinding the rule is to ensure that the mission is met with the best qualified and most capable people, regardless of gender," Panetta said.

"I'm not talking about reducing the qualifications for the job — if they can meet the qualifications for the job, then they should have the right to serve," he said.

Awesome, now we get to hear Jay Leno make a bunch of jokes about how the women will talk to the terrorists about their feelings until they all get bored and surrender. Listen, the women in the Army are way tougher than me, and the ones who pass the physical requirements for combat are the best of the best. I do think this is going to be a negative for all other women, though. Your sisters are carrying AR-15s through the sand in 100 degrees heat. The days where you can complain about frizzy hair and Mondays and expect anyone to be sympathetic are over. It baffles my mind how our country can simultaneously be so progressive, and at the same time, be so shallow. Women have joined our brave soldiers on the front line in a battle for both our country’s freedom and for gender equality. And also, there’s a Twitter feed dedicated to Michelle Obama’s bangs. Way to go, America.


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