The Newest Hipster Activity:  Hunting

After years in decline, the sport of hunting is once again on the rise, thanks to a new influx of young hunters. Many of these young people are getting into hunting for "ethical and environmental" reasons, according to this new article in Slate. I'm not sure how being young and caring about the environment automatically makes you a hipster -- I would at least like to see one of their Spotify playlists before making that call -- but hey, it makes a good headline, so let's go with it for now. These hipster hunters are rebelling against a world of mass-produced, fructose-filled foods by going outdoors and shooting their own dinner. Which can mean only one thing. I need to start my own boutique venison burger restaurant immediately. More benefits of hunting, from Slate:

Getting your meat from outside the industrial food system is also better for the environment. Wild game isn’t fed on tons of grain that used excessive water, land, and fossil-fuel-based synthetic fertilizer. They aren’t clustered in “concentrated animal feeding operations” that produce toxic and terrible-smelling lagoons of manure.

Besides, hunting is green. Hazel Wong, a senior policy adviser at the Nature Conservancy, told me that to pass environmental legislation at the state level, “believe it or not, we work with hunting groups a lot.” I wasn’t surprised. Conservation in America was practically founded by hunters. Yellowstone was first envisioned as a giant game reserve that would create big populations of animals that hunters could nab as they spilled out over the boundaries.

Well it's official, the biggest hipster in the world is my dad. He wears clothes from the 80s, he has a vegetable garden, he reads books, he rides a bike, the only thing he watches on TV is random history documentaries, he loves the outdoors, he’s never heard of Justin Bieber and he's been hunting since the 70s (you know, "before it was cool"). So, if my dad is the ultimate hipster, then the next cool hipster activities will be singing in the church choir, eating at diners, waking up at 5 AM and working out with a giant blue rubber band. Yes, Grizzly Bear will release a song about arthroscopic knee surgery any day now. You heard it here first, people.


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