Marth Dean, a Republican lawyer who ran for Connecticut attorney general two years ago, has been honored by the National Rifle Association "in appreciation for all she has done for the 'Second Amendment and Freedom' in Connecticut."

Dean, you might recall, was the 2010 candidate who advocated firearms training in public schools. A number of moderate Connecticut Republicans were privately embarrassed by her campaign, referring to her as a "whack job" among other unflattering terms.

She got her butt kicked in that election, losing by double digits to Democrat George Jepson.

But that's wasn't a problem for the NRA, who selected Dean for an award "based on her legal victories in defense of shooting ranges and her political activities in support of the Constitutional rights of firearm owners."

Sweet. Maybe Connecticut's Republican Party, which has since moved even farther to the right, would like to get her back as a candidate sometime soon.