Seventeen Magazine promises to show "real girls"

Ever since I was a young girl, reading Seventeen Magazine, I've heard magazines make the same promise about showing "real" people. Now that I'm a grown man, I know the truth. All of those girls you see in the magazines are completely airbrushed. But now, Seventeen promises to change that. From

In the August issue of Seventeen editor Ann Shoket has drafted a “Body Peace Treaty” in which she promised to “celebrate every kind of beauty” and stick to the magazine’s earlier promise to show “real girls as they really are.” The magazine also promised to feature only “models who are healthy,” publish at least one untouched photo in every issue, and most importantly, “Help make your life amazing!”

Sorry but no one wants to read about "real" people. We already have a place where we read about the lives of regular people. It's called Facebook and it's boring. It's nothing but baby pictures and commentary about "The Biggest Loser." So good luck with your non-airbrushed trolls, Seventeen. I'll be looking at Teen People with the rest of America. Actually, I won't. My parole officer says I'm not supposed to look at those kind of magazines anymore. Something about Megan's Law. I don't know who Megan is, but she's obviously jealous she doesn't look like the girls in the magazines.


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