Questions for Angelina

Thanks for reading my blog. Many of these questions can be answered more thoroughly if you could validate them live as I was connecting to you.

What do you all think about making this a live interactive web-cast!  Please let me know. I want to hear from you!

Together in the Journey,


Sue P - How do I build and control my gift?

Dear Sue,
First, think of your gift as an ability. For example can you really control the GIFT someone gives you or is a surprise? Thinking of it as an ability will give you the sense that it is something your work towards. I am teaching a class in Manchester, CT  that can help you enhance your abilities. Please check it out



Milano T - Does he know about  Alphnse?

Take a breather and make better decisions about your personal life so you can feel clean and clear to live the best like you can! He knows but will not let you know until you focus on your own happiness!



Diana M - I was in love in my dream with a man I didn't know.  Three months later, I met him and he was unavailable what could be the meaning of this dream!

Dear Diana,
You have a precognitive dream to show you how psychic you are. Not really to show you who you will love. Now start envisioning your future love in your waking hours it initiates the law of attraction. Also, I sense you need to start to heal from a past romance, am I right?



Michele K - Does my dad visit me ?

Dear Michele,
No....he does not visit rather he is always there with you!