Polaroid is Opening a Store Where People Can Print Digital Photos

Polaroid filed for bankruptcy a few years back, and the company has been in financial trouble for the entire 21st century. So, they figured it was time to try something new. The corporation will be opening a series of Fotobar stores, where customers can go to print out digital photos from their smartphones and social media accounts. It will resemble the Apple Store, with a clean, open layout and a team of photo experts on hand to help. From thenextweb.com:

Once the images have been chosen, users can then have the image printed in a number of different materials and substrates including metal, wood and bamboo, as well as choose from various framing options.

The idea is to make the digital and often forgettable images stored on your smartphone feel like works of art again; something which you would want to share with friends or hang in your house or office.

They seem to be missing the point here. People take digital photos in order to show their friends what they've been up to and create a sense of jealousy amongst their peers. They're not trying to produce works of art. It’s not about the picture, it’s about telling people what you’re doing. I never understood the appeal of Instagram until someone explained that to me. I'm happy that Polaroid is trying to evolve into the 21st century, but it seems like they don't understand how the Internet works. The only way they could be less Internet savvy is if they set up a firm that lends money to Nigerian princes.


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