Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

The guy who lived in the apartment across the hall from Connecticut's notorious "Monsignor Meth" has been sentenced to 27 months in federal prison and five years supervised release for helping out with drug sales when Kevin Wallin wasn't around.

Kenneth DeVries, aka "Lyme," helped out with meth sales when "Monsignor Meth" himself wasn't available, according to prosecutors. Wallin and DeVries lived in the same Waterbury apartment building.

Wallin is the former Bridgeport Roman Catholic priest who has pleaded guilty to being a key player in a methamphetamine ring that pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of the drug into Connecticut. Wallin, who is now awaiting sentencing with three other defendents, was a wild-assed player who also cross-dressed and bought a sex-toy-and-porn shop in North Haven.

Meth use appears to be on the rise in Connecticut, though law enforcement folks say it hasn't reached the epidemic proportions in some states farther west. A greater concern may be that it's use as a party drug among gay men seems to be related to the spread of AIDS/HIV, one expert warns.