Linda McMahon’s self-financed Republican campaign for one of Connecticut’s U.S. Senate seats has already made a name for itself for trying to run by dodging this state’s media as often as possible.

Now, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment and her attack-dog campaign manager Corry Bliss is apparently working on pissing off the Washington press corps as well.

Check out this story about how Bliss and McMahon’s campaign attempted to use a Huffington Post reporter’s emails as fodder to feed a Republican blogger and for a press release aimed at her opponent, Democrat Chris Murphy.

According to the Huffington Post piece, “Bliss’ behavior, from beginning to end, went far beyond what we’ve seen from political actors on either side of the aisle. It’s little surprise that his Senate race has become such an embarrassing, chair-throwing affair.”

That comment’s probably not going to bother McMahon. Not when you consider how she made much of her WWE fortune from wrestlers beating each other and half-naked women with chairs, pseudo-necrophilia, Vince McMahon ordering a woman to get on her knees “and bark like a dog,” and Linda’s own crotch-kicking TV episode.