Mark Mulcahy's Recent Set Lists


Here's a sidebar to the feature story on Mark Mulcahy which you can find here.

When Mark Mulcahy played the Meriden Daffodil Festival on April 27, it was a wide-ranging set that spanned a quarter century of his songwriting. It’s unknown what Mulcahy has planned for the Spaceland Ballroom in Hamden tonight (July 12) and the Iron Horse in NorthamptonJuly 13, but think of this rundown of the Daffodil appearance as a provocative teaser.


  1. “She is Staggering,” from Polaris’ sole album Music from The Adventures of Pete & Pete.
  2. “He’s a Magnet,” from Mulcahy’s new album Mark J. Mulcahy I Love You (which had not yet been released when he played Meriden, and hit the many devoted fans there like a fresh breeze.)
  3. The Quiet One, from Smile Sunset. “I love you, I love when your quiet.”
  4. “She Makes the World Turn Backwards,” the first song to have been released from Mark J. Mulcahy I Love You. (There’s now a video for the tune, featuring the Young@Heart Chorus, at
  5.  Woke Up on the Mayflower, from Fathering. The Mayflower in the song may refer to the Puritan boat, but just as likely the old truckstop motel in Milford, Ct.
  6. “Love’s the Only Thing That Shuts Me Up,” from the 2007 album of the same name.
  7. “Cookie Jar,” the pun-filled plea for sanity (“Preserve yourself”) from 2005’s  In Pursuit of Your Happiness.
  8. “Let the Fireflies Fly Away,” with the audience encouraged to make a lot of farm animal noises in the middle.
  9. “I Have Patience,” also from In Pursuit of Your Happiness.

10. “Saturnine,” from the Polaris CD.

11. “Propstar,” also from In Pursuit of Your Happiness.

12. A special Daffodil Festival finale which brought Mulcahy back to his Connecticut music scene past. He and his current multi-instrumentalist Springfield-based bandmates Dave Trenholm (on saxophone for this song), Henning Ohlenbusch (on guitar) and Ken Maiuri (bass) were joined by long-ago Miracle Legion compatriots Richard “Doc Equis” Brown on guitar and Jeff Wiederschall on drums for a cover of "Mr. Mingo," from Miracle Legion’s 1987 full-length album debut Surprise Surprise Surprise.

13. Encore: Miracle Legion’s first song, “The Backyard,” with the same line-up as above.


Now here's what Mulcahy performed June 17 at the Mercury Lounge in New York City, according to

1. "The Rabbit," from the new album.

2. "She is Staggering." (See above.)

3. "She Makes the World Turn Backwards." (See above.)

4. "I Have Patience." (See above.)

5. "Can't Find a Reason to Let You Go," from the In Pursuit of Your Happiness album.

6. "He's a Magnet." (See above.)

7. "Saturnine," from Polaris/Pete & Pete.

8. "Love's the Only Thing That Shuts Me Up," from the album of the same name.

9. "The Cottage We Rented Had a Name," the B-side to the recent 7" vinyl single "Low Birthweight Child."

10. "The Ladies from Town" (from the Miracle Legion album Me & Mr. Ray).

11. "Cookie Jar," from In Pursuit of Your Happiness. (See above.)

12. "Let the Fireflies Fly Away." (See above.)

13. "The Quiet One," from Smile Sunset.

14. "Bill Jocko," from Fathering.

15. "In the Afternoon," from Fathering.

16. Miracle Legion's "Mr. Mingo," with Jeff Wiederschall on drums. (See above.)

17. "Country Boy," from Miracle Legion's Surprise Surprise Surprise, with Chris Harford on guitar. There's a YouTube video here.

18. "The Backyard," with Wiederschall drumming. (See above.)