Kindergarten mom
I’m a working mom of two: a five year old who is a kindergartener in the public school system and a two-and-a-half-year-old who goes to daycare full time.  I work for the schools and it’s a great job! Really, I love it. I’ve been given a whole new perspective of what all teachers have to deal with in a day. Yes, deal with. I know we’ve all heard that they’re not paid enough, but really, they’re not. Not only does my son’s teacher deal with 25 kindergarteners in the morning, she then has 18 more in the afternoon.  This means that my son’s KINDERGARTEN teacher has to keep 43 sets of parents in tow.  I believe many of us are newbies to the real school system...probably half of us. So, let’s estimate that’s 20 new parents. Plus 43 new-to-school students. That’s 83 people she has to keep straight.

You'd think it wouldn’t be that hard. Get kid up in the morning. Make sure they’re dressed. Make sure they’re fed. Pop them on the bus. Job done…NOPE. Then they come home with 15,000 things in their take home folders. The influx of paperwork in my household is making me crazy. What’s important? What’s not? What needs to be completed? By when? By whom?

I almost had a panic attack over Valentine’s Day (okay, I did have a panic attack, but no medication was needed to get me off the ledge). I didn’t see the instructions that were sent home two weeks before.  I knew there was a party. But, they have to give out valentines, right?

An e-mail to the classroom parent shed some light, followed by an emergency e-mail to the teacher explaining that I didn’t see the paper (with the names of all the students) we were supposed to use. Thankfully she replied by 6:15 that night, so we had valentines for all 24 of his classmates.  But, really, she shouldn’t have to do that at 6:15 pm. That’s her time, not my time to bug her. Yet, she cares and so she helped.  I wonder how many 911 e-mails teachers get these days.

This is only kindergarten. I’m learning, slowly but surely. It’s just hard to weed out the important from the not important. Is it going to scar my child for life? Not bringing valentines to school or not dressing up like his favorite Dr. Seuss character??? I try to protect him from so much and I felt that I was doing a good job of letting go and letting him "experience" elementary school. But I still have a lot to learn.  Thank you Miss Bowns for dealing with us new-to-school parents and answering panic e-mails at 6:15 in the evening when you should be enjoying dinner, not working. There will be an extra gift card in your end of the year present.