KC & the Sunshine Band tonight on New Haven Green: Do they even still make boogie shoes?

Quinn: You said funk was about soul and anger. I have plenty of both. Look at me. Look at my life. I’m furious.

Mercedes: Let’s be honest. When white people try to be funky, you end up with KC & the Sunshine Band.

Artie: I love “Boogie Shoes.”



KC and the Sunshine Band are playing tonight (July 27) on New Haven Green. Hard to tell which is more classical, this or the New Haven Symphony concert scheduled for the Green last week.


For the record, KC and the Sunshine Band had other hits besides “That’s the Way (I Like It).” Most of them have to do with pleading embarrassing for someone else to do something for them: “Keep It Comin’ Love,” “Sound Your Funky Horn,” “Blow Your Whistle,” “Give It Up,” “Please Don’t Go,” “Wrap Your Arms Around Me,” “Me Make a Star.” Weird entreaties, but then one of their other singles was “I’m a Pushover.”


7 p.m. on New Haven Green. While you shake, shake, shake your booty keep your petition-signing hand free: every political candidate in the city is likely to be at this public gathering, asking for your signature so they can get on the primary ballot. “Make Me a Star,” indeed.