There were 23 immigrants picked up in Connecticut during a late September federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) nationwide arrest spree that netted 2,901 alleged criminals authorities say entered this country illegally.

The arrest head count for this state reportedly included five in Danbury, four in Stamford, three in Hartford, two in Meriden and one each in Ansonia, Bridgeport, East Haven, Glastonbury, Greenwich, Middletown, New London, Stratford and Windsor.

ICE officials, under fire in recent months for targeting undocumented immigrants who’ve done nothing more than get involved in traffic accidents or other minor offenses, insisted the people arrested in this week-long sweep were all serious criminals.

“They are not the kind of people we want walking our streets,” John Morton, director of ICE, told reporters.

According to federal officials, the arrests included more than 1,600 immigrants who had been convicted of a felony, while the remainder had misdemeanor convictions for crimes that included drunk driving, forgery and theft.

In Connecticut, the arrests included a Hatian national living in Stratford who was convicted of posession of cocaine with intent to sell; and a native of the Dominican Republic arrested in Hartford who had cocaine and heroin convictions on his record.

There were ICE arrests made in all six New England states, including 62 in Massachusetts, 16 in Rhode Island, six in New Hampshire, two in Maine and two in Vermont.

The Obama administration has been heavily criticized for its inconsistant policies regarding deportation of undocumented immigrants. The federal government’s “Secure Communities” program has become a main target of complaints, with activists charging it has been used to deport thousands of hard-working immigrants who pose no threat at all.

In August, Obama administration officials announced that the federal government would review all ICE arrests on a case-by-case basis and drop action against undocumented immigrants who pose no threat to society.

About 390,000 people a year are being deported from the U.S., according to Morton, who said about half of those are now criminal offenders.

Here is the list of alleged immigrant criminals arrested in Connecticut last week, according to ICE spokesman Chuck Jackson:

--male, 42, Mexico, arrested as a fugitive in Glastonbury on 9/19 with criminal convictions for fraud, impersonation and assault

--male, 58, Jamaica, arrested in as a fugitive Windsor on 9/19 with a criminal conviction for DUI

--male, 42, Cuba, arrested as a fugitive in Hartford on 9/14 with criminal convictions for drugs and larceny

--male, 44, Guyana, arrested as a fugitive in Hartford on 9/20 with a criminal conviction for marijuana possession

--male, 51, Dominican Republic, arrested as a fugitive re-entry in Hartford on 9/20 with criminal convictions for assault, drugs and disorderly conduct

--female, 57, Dominican Republic, criminally arrested in New London on 9/19 with criminal convictions for larceny and probation violation

--male, 26, Mexico, criminally arrested in Ansonia on 9/17 with criminal convictions for drugs and assault by vehicle

-- male, 38, Mexico, arrested as a fugitive in Meriden on 9/18 with criminal convictions involving liquor and forgery