Hartford's Not the Only City With Pole-Dancing Truck Experience

Stephan Dunn, Hartford Courant

The glass-walled box truck filled with scantily-clad pole dancers that rolled down Hartford’s Main Street earlier this month as an advertising gimmick for an East Hartford strip joint was definitely a first for Connecticut’s staid Capitol City.

But it seems to be part of a growing advertising trend.

Similar pole-dancing trucks have been seen in recent years along the streets of Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles, advertising everything from night clubs to airlines. And then there’s the pole-dancer vehicle that bills itself “Miami’s Sexiest Ice Cream Truck.”

Larry Flynt, the porn industry mogul, got some folks in San Francisco seriously ticked off in April of this year when his “Hustler Club Truck” began cruising that city’s Sunset District. (A local councilman had the truck towed for out-of-date license plates, but Flynt had it back on the road in short order, according to local news reports.)

In Los Angeles, an advertising agency that takes pride in its shock tactics used one of these pole-dancing trucks to promote Spirit Airlines cheapo flights to Las Vegas. A “street team” in bikini’s carried signs such as “Take me home for $9” and “I go both ways for $16.”


Las Vegas had its own glass-walled, pole-dancing, mobile marketing stunt, advertising a couple of local joints. Rental of the special truck reportedly cost $50,000. Vegas government officials weren’t impressed: they labeled the stunt a “traffic hazard.”

The Hartford truck was promoting Kahoots, a club on East Hartford’s Main Street. The owner, Daniel Quinn of Colchester, failed to return the Advocate’s requests for an interview about whether he plans any repeat performances on Connecticut’s streets.