Game Show Marathon 2 Coming in May

Get your Game Show game on! They’ve just announced highlights of the Second Annual 24-Hour Game Show Marathon, scheduled to from noon ‘til noon on May 18-19.

The national broadcast, which benefits the American Cancer Society, will be audio-streamed on Southern Connecticut State University’s site. The full video version can be seen on and a mirror stream on

Guests for the “daylong continuous charity broadcast” include record-breaking Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings and hosts of various game shows past and present: Marc Summers (Double Dare, Unwrapped), Todd Newton (Family Game Night), Mark L. Walberg (Antiques Roadshow) and Moira Quirk (Nickelodeon Guts).

These and other celebs will host hour-long games (one for each of the marathon’s 24 hours) based on not just well-known American shows such as Jeopardy, Card Sharks, Family Feud and Deal or No Deal but also British “quiz shows” like Mastermind (a knowledge-based show that can be tougher than Jeopardy), Countdown and Bob’s Full House.

One of the gimmicks of the broadcast is that “Donors of of $25 or more will have the opportunity to play via Skype as a contestant in the game of their choice.”

Last year’s game show marathon was apparently the most-listened-to broadcast in WSIN history. The station’s been around for half a century, so that's the equivalent of Ken Jennings coming onto Jeopardy and blowing the longevity and money-earned records to smithereens.

For college audiences, this marathon puts a new spin on the term "The Big Game."