French candidate uses campaign song containing the N-word

French Presidential candidate Francois Hollande is turning some heads this week after his curious decision to use the Kanye/Jay-Z song “N****s in Paris” as a campaign song. What would inspire a politician to use a campaign song with the N-word in the title? From

The success of Hollande's campaign so far has much to do with the lessons it learned from the 2008 Obama campaign, which three of Hollande's campaign advisors studied carefully while living in the United States. Whether they also picked up a taste for American popular music I have no idea, but this month the Hollande campaign put out an ad scored to a rather unlikely song: "Ni**as in Paris," by Jay-Z and Kanye West, from the album Watch the Throne.

I don’t know how anyone could vote for this guy after making a choice like this. I mean, come on man, “N****s in Paris” isn’t even close to being the best Kanye/Jay-Z mash-up. You should have gone with “Monster.” It’s a better track and you get an incredible verse from Nicki Minaj. But “N****s in Paris?” That’s weak. I could never trust a President with this kind of poor judgment.


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