Corporate profits are huge, wages are still low

The recession is officially over, and corporate profits are at an all-time high in America. But according to a new article from, the average middle-class citizen hasn’t seen any improvement in their situation. Personally, I don’t know if that’s true. The middle-class people I know have gotten a lot more from their jobs recently. More hours, more responsibility, more blame when things don’t go right… oh wait, they’re talking about more money. Yeah, no, they haven’t gotten that.

Companies like Apple are squeezing their workers, leaving them to live on less, while lavishing pay and benefits on their executives. The death of lionized Apple chief Steve Jobs seems to have opened a floodgate of reporting and criticism of the company's labor practices, but all this really proves is that Jobs and his empire are no better than, and no different from the rest of the US business elite. Just like everyone else, they're taking their profits directly out of workers' pockets.

It's not just tax breaks and subsidies that have created massive inequality—it's also full-on war on the only means of organized power that working people ever had: unions. Private-sector union density hovers around 7 percent right now, after years of concerted attacks, and for the last couple of years public sector unions have been in the 1 percent's crosshairs.

Hey, that’s just capitalism. You start off as a poor immigrant at the bottom of the social ladder. Slowly but surely, you climb that ladder one step at a time, by working hard and sacrificing for your career. Then, when you reach the proverbial rooftop, you kick the ladder out from under you and throw snowballs at the people down below. Because otherwise, they’ll climb that ladder and take your job. Capitalism isn’t just about running a marathon; it’s about laying down bear traps so that runners behind you lose a leg and have to quit the race. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who once said, “you can’t make an omelet with breaking a few poor people’s fibulas.”


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