Connecticut's political scene is turning to the wild and wacky side

State House Speaker Chris Donovan

Oh ya, now we’re getting into the fun side of Connecticut politics.

There’s state House Speaker Chris Donovan ducking and dodging ‘cause the top finance guy in his Democratic congressional campaign just got busted by the feds.

Across the street, none other than our felonious ex-Gov. John Rowland is feeling the heat from a Federal Elections Commission investigation triggered by his wheeling and dealing with a GOP congressional candidate named Lisa Wilson-Foley.  Johnny’s even got questions being raised about what he’s doing on the air as a WTIC radio talk jock in connection with this mess.

Down in Bridgeport, another convicted pol named Ernest Newton III has picked up the Democratic endorsement to run for the same state Senate seat he used to solicit bribes a few years ago.

And let us not forget our favorite former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Linda McMahon, whose campaign for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination is once again being dragged by its hair into a debate over pseudo-sex and pseudo-violence and whether the WWE is into porn.

McMahon’s wild and crazy hubby, Vince McMahon, has threatened take Journal Inquirer editor and columnist Chris Powell to court over Powell’s references to WWE’s history of sex-and-violence sleaze. (Gotta love Vince. I’m virtually certain he was the one who came up with “Sexy Bitch” as the name for the family yacht.)

Linda insists she didn’t know the WWE was going to threaten Powell with legal action. Let’s see, if she really didn’t know Vince was going to ignite a war with the media, they ought to have a few more chats over their evening cocktails. If her campaign advisors did know in advance, she might consider conducting some sort of late night campaign hq massacre/wholesale firing.

McMahon is trying to win the seat being vacated by Democrat-turned-independent-friend-of-many-Republicans Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman, you may recall, was the dude who back in 2010 (when McMahon was running for a different U.S. Senate seat) said he wasn’t concerned about McMahon’s history with the WWE sleaze. Yup, that’s the same Joe Lieberman who was soooo worried about Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades in the White House and Hollywood’s on-screen sex and violence. Apparently, sex and violence doesn’t count for Joe if it’s in the wrestling ring.

Donovan, meanwhile, is the big story at the moment. His congressional campaign finance director, an out-of-state hotshot named Robert Braddock Jr., has been charged with conspiracy to conceal certain very iffy campaign contributions.

The allegation from the feds is that Braddock tried to hide the source of $20,000 in money given to Donovan’s campaign so it wouldn’t be traced back to some folks real interested in a particular piece of legislation.

The bill in question would have put new taxes and other crap on “Roll-Your-Own” tobacco shops, which the shop owners didn’t want. The implication is that the $20,000 grand went to insure that the bill died a swift legislative death. Which is exactly what happened to it.

Braddock has pleaded not guilty. Donovan has hired Stan Twardy, a former U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, to investigate all his campaign contributions.

As of Friday, Donovan was still avoiding reporters and their nasty questions about what he knew and if he didn’t know, how could he be that stupid.

He’s fired his old campaign manager and brought in Tom Swan to try and salvage what may already be a lost congressional cause. Swan insists Donovan did nothing wrong, but if that’s the case, why hasn’t Donovan himself gotten up to explain what the hell happened with his campaign?

Republicans are clearly salivating: the state Senate’s top GOP leader, John McKinney, has called for Donovan to step down as speaker. While it hasn’t come to that yet, Donovan is going to step aside (temporarily) when the General Assembly returns for a June 12 special session.

Oh ya, we’re having some fun now. And it can only get better from here.

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