Clown-O-Meter: Vernon man attacked by teens, saved by woman with golf club

Dawer Gilani, a resident of Bridgeport, has already been arrested for stalking a woman in Fairfield. This time, Gilani allegedly chose to stalk the same woman via Facebook and Twitter using his photograph. Although Gilani used a different name, the woman was able to identify him by the photo and called the police. According to the CT Post, Gilani was taken from his home and charged with 10 counts of violation of a protective order.

Alan Freedman, a Fairfield County state Marshal and sworn peace officer, was allegedly pulled over by a cop in Fairfield after running a red light in Norwalk. Even though Freedman showed the cop his marshal's badge, the car was still searched. Inside the peace officer's trunk was allegedly 138 grams (4.8 ounces) of weed along with drug paraphernalia including weighing scales, a bag of marijuana seeds, empty baggies and nine pipes. According to the CT Post, the search was made about 1,500 feet from a local school. Freedman was charged with possession but was released after posting a bond of $10,000.

Last week, Christopher Morse allegedly drove off Route 25 in Trumbull into the opposite lane where he was later pulled over by police for driving the wrong way. Before the officers could eject him from the car, Morse allegedly swerved around the officers, pulled onto the northbound lane and drove south until he left his car on a grassy median. There, he ran through the southbound lanes before disappearing into Indian Ledge Park. According to the CT Post, police officers caught him after following his footprints through the snow at about 8:50 p.m. Morse later failed his sobriety test.

“I might have tacos when I go home, I'm not quite sure yet,” said Mayor Joseph Maturo in response to the incident where four East Haven Police officers were charged for racial profiling members of the Latino Community in East Haven.

Tyrone McFadden, Tiffany Garrett and Thomas Edwards were allegedly leaving an apartment on the third floor in New Haven when they found a group of men with handguns in the hallway. To avoid detection, McFadden allegedly went out a third-story window and hung there before falling and breaking his wrist. The other two residents were unharmed. Police were later notified but have yet to find the intruders. According to the New Haven Register, the criminals were last seen escaping in a grey SUV.

In New Haven, a woman was attacked by a pit bull when it charged her and later took a bite out of her purse. Luckily, the woman was able to fend off the beast by hitting the dog with her bitten purse. When officers arrived on the scene, the dog had to be shocked three separate times by police tasers before Animal Control came to take the dog away. According to the New Haven Register, the dog's owner claimed that his dog did not have any behavior problems. The dog was returned but only on terms that the dog remain contained.

After receiving complaints, Wallingford police came to investigate the disturbance and found that the driver of a Pontiac Grand Prix allegedly hit a parked Ford Explorer from behind before crashing into a house. According to the New Haven Register, the house's porch sustained structural damage from the collision. The driver was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital to be examined.

Two crimes involving a robbery at a Rite Aid and a CVS Pharmacy in East and West Haven might be linked after police found similar clues at both stores. In each case, a robber allegedly came into each store and gave the cashier a note saying that he had a gun. According to the New Haven Register, Rite Aid has put out a reward for any information regarding the suspect.

In Vernon, police responded to an incident on Regan Road when a woman allegedly hit another car after driving on the wrong side of the road. Upon the police's arrival, the woman allegedly assaulted an officer who was trying to stabilize her neck and another when she was being asked to sign some paperwork. According to the Hartford Courant, the police gave her a sobriety test which she failed. The victim in the crash was taken to the hospital but luckily only had a minor cut on her forehead.

A Vernon resident with a back pack was walking on Broad Street recently when he was allegedly threatened and told by three teens to “get off their block.” When he refused to vacate the vicinity, the man was allegedly hit on the back of the head by one of the teenagers. After hearing the commotion outside her house, a woman came to the man's aid with a golf club and pulled one of the teens off the victim by his hood. Upon the woman's arrival, the other two ran away with the victim's back pack and disappeared with the other teen. According to the Hartford Courant, the police found the back pack empty. The victim, who refused medical attention, said that one of the stolen items was a loaded .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver. 

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