Clown-O-Meter: East Haven PD accused of racism by Department of Justice
The East Haven Police Department is totally racist! — and that's the opinion of the Department of Justice. In a new report, the federal agency claims officers are more likely to pull over Latino drivers and they treat them more harshly when they do. A flabbergasted Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr., told the New Haven Register the report was “a little slanderous” for “calling the Police Department discriminatory toward Spanish people.” (Um, “Spanish people”?) An unnamed cop added, “It makes officers not even want to be officers… by the way they're being portrayed.” It sucks when an entire group of people is discredited and misrepresented because of the supposed actions of a few, doesn't it?

Last May, Melissa Bailey, a reporter for the New Haven Independent news website, showed up at a meeting at the Roberto Clemente Leadership Academy at which parents and staffers were told control of the school, considered “failing” by New Haven Public Schools, would be transferred to a for-profit management company. School district spokesperson Chris Hoffman called security on her. In a seeming move toward transparency, the school invited Bailey to interview its principal, but Hoffman arrived to chaperon her and repeatedly grabbed at her camera when she tried to record video. (“Please don't touch me,” Bailey is heard saying in the resultant clip.)

Since July 2010, the Town of Stratford has removed 52 filthy, malnourished cats from the home of 90-year-old Marion Perreira, a town attorney told the Connecticut Post. As part of negotiations with Animal Control, Perreira allowed the town to clean the property and it allegedly removed three truckloads of furniture and other possessions tainted by cat urine and/or feces. The town is now suing Perreira, demanding repayment of the $6,000 it's spent on the case or custody of her four remaining cats. Perreira says details are exaggerated.

A New Canaan man says his former “personal assistant” stole $169,162 from him by writing checks to herself from his account. According to court documents obtained by the Stamford Advocate, Helen Kapoutsos, 28, claims she met the employer at a strip club and, in addition to basic household duties, her fee of up to $2,000 a day — for which her employer allowed her to write the checks — was for sex with the man and his fiancée. The man denies Kapoutsos was to be paid for the sex.

Before he robbed the Union Savings Bank in New Milford, Russell D. Mace apparently got a case of “nervous bowels” and was seen defecating in the bank's parking lot, reports the Danbury News-Times. Mace, 55, allegedly went through with the robbery, though he was soon apprehended. (The whole ordeal reportedly played out as Mace's wife and their two kids, ages 1 and 4, sat in the getaway car.)

Sgt. Richard Giddings of the Seymour PD was so aghast when Chief Michael Metzler used an expletive at a staff meeting, he filed a complaint with the Police Commission. The town's first selectman assured the Connecticut Post the chief is “facing disciplinary action.”

The employees of the Nordstrom at Farmington's Westfarms Mall discovered a computer glitch had caused the store to issue all paychecks at $0, reports NBC Connecticut.