Take the Cake

Take the Cake: Nancy Purcell and Niki Mangino. (May 3, 2012)

1) Take the Cake

When it comes to wedding plans, brides-to-be have plenty to be anxious about. So when it comes to the wedding cake, according to Take the Cake owner Nancy Purcell, they aren't looking for a novelty cake shaped like, say, the statue of liberty. "It's more the perfection of the final product that attracts folks to our shop," Purcell says. "It's the quality of the cake itself. We are an all-natural bakery, which means no colored icing. It's an elegant product more than a whimsical product, not like those cake shows." With four full-time chefs, Taste the Cake has been supplying wedding deliciousness, like their ever-popular chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse filling or other varieties with fresh, seasonal fruits, for enough years to service multiple generations, and her employees have been there a long time as well. "I don't just let somebody new come in and make the wedding cake," Purcell says.


2458 Boston Post Road
(203) 453-1896

2) JCakes


2031 Foxon Road
North Branford
(203) 488-2800

3) Petonito's Pastry Shop


190 Main Street
East Haven
(203) 469-1817

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