Luigi's Italian Pastry, Inc.: Roseann DiMarco and John DiMarco. (May 18, 2012)

1) Luigi's Italian Pastry & Wedding Cake Center

Bridgeport wedding cake staple Luigi's has come a long way in 43 years. John and RoseAnn DiMarco started with a staff of four that has grown to over 40 while their shop on Main Street tripled in size. The wedding cakes are no longer made in that space, however. They are made at a 10,400-square foot manufacturing plant that runs the entire block from Lincoln to Garfield in Bridgeport. The couple refers to this space in a half-joking, half-fearful manner as, "the crazy house." Almost a half-century ago, the couple began by crafting about 10 wedding cakes per week -- now they make 70 a week, which get delivered to venues all over the state as well as into New York and Massachusetts. Their traditional, fresh cakes are so popular that they often have to turn down prospective clients that approach them even eight months or a year in advance. So, get your order in early if you don't want to miss out on their famed cannoli cake or 17 different kinds of frosting.

4090 Main St.
(203) 374-4225

2) Great Cakes

772 Post Rd. E.
(203) 222-9696

3) Eddy's Bake Shop

317 Main Street
(203) 735-0501

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