Frank Pepe

Frank Pepe's Pizzeria: Anthony C. Rosselli. (May 15, 2012)

1) Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

Frank Pepe's pizzahelped put New Haven on the pizza map. That paper-thin crust, the tangy, simple, sauce: New Haven-style pizza was, for many Fairfield County residents, worth the pilgrimage up I-95. Co-owner Anthony Rosselli says “we knew people often traveled to New Haven from Fairfield. When we first opened we thought 'Can we get the same magic on Wooster Street, in Fairfield?'” The answer is a resounding yes, due in no small part to Rosselli's unwavering adherence to family tradition. “It's a very old-world approach. We built the same oven we have in Wooster Street. We adhere to a very old recipe -- my grandfather's recipe --unstintingly. We don't reinvent the wheel.”

238 Commerce Dr.
(203) 333-7373

59 Federal Rd.
(203) 790-7373

2) Colony Grill

172 Myrtle Ave.
(203) 359-2184

1520 Post Rd.
(203) 259-1989

3) Nauti Dolphin

1 Carter Henry Dr.
(203) 256-1877

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