DiMare Pastry: Timothy McGrath-DiMare. (May 15, 2012)

1) DiMare Pastry Shop

DiMare Pastry Shop is a 36-year Greenwich institution, a 16-year Stamford one and a true family business. Every employee has the name or maiden name DiMare, says Sabrina DiMare, one of the co-owners. The place is a popular destination for wedding cakes, and a box of its mini pastries (including irresistible mini éclairs and mini red velvet cakes) makes an awesome gift. DiMare’s signature item remains cannoli nachos, says Sabrina DiMare, a batch of nacho-shaped chips made from a cannoli with the famed pastry’s creamy filling as a dipping sauce. DiMare’s goodies are so popular, corporate clients have had them shipped all over the world as gifts. The place has shipped as far as Greece and Poland, says Ms. DiMare.


1245 E. Putnam Ave.
(203) 637-4781

12 Largo Dr. S.
(203) 967-2253

2) Luigi's Italian Pastry & Wedding Cake Center


4090 Main St.
(203) 374-4225

3) Angela Mia

247 Connecticut Ave.
(203) 855-8203

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