Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection photo

Whoa. State wildlife officials were forced to shoot and kill a 150-pound black bear  that was getting "aggressive" in Hartford's Keney Park this week.

"Once it became known to us that the bear that had been seen in Keney Park was the same one that had been charging humans in Barkhamsted, the decision was made to euthanize the bear," is the way Susan Whalen, deputy commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection put it.

The bear, which had been tagged during its Barkhamsted activities, was shot Wednesday.

State wildlife officials put Connecticut's bear population at about 500 animals, but the hunting community thinks it's larger than that and they've started lobbying for a Connecticut bear hunting season.

There were close to 3,000 bear sightings in Connecticut in 2011 in 122 of this state's 169 towns.

If we get a few more bears in Hartford, just a few miles from the State Capitol, that lobbying might get real effective.