America has the highest youth death rate, thanks to guns and binge drinking

Bad news for the U.S. Apparently our country has a very high death rate for young people, much of it a result of excessive partying and firearms.

A new study of adolescent health around the globe found the United States had the highest mortality rate for people ages 10-to-24 of any high-income country in the world.

The American kids were also No. 1 in pot-smoking, moving toward the top spot in boozing — all while still hitting the gym harder than their contemporaries in other wealthy nations.

Death on the wrong end of a gun or any other violent method is up to 20 times more likely in the U.S. than the other 27 wealthy nations, according to findings reported in The Lancet, a British medical journal.

Sure, you could frame this as a negative, but I prefer to look at the funnel as half-full. Americans might have the highest rates of gun violence and drinking-related teen death in the industrialized world, but all those other countries have a much higher rate of being lame. Yeah! We’re number one! Suck it, Norway! Go home and study with the rest of the nerds! WOOOO! Pass the Jagermeister!!! U… S… A! U… S… A!!


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