School: Plainfield High School
Town: Central Village
Slug: CT Chip Program
Status: Broadcast
Length: 50

DELIVERY: Very good. Nice energy, tone and pace. Work on adding information in the stand up. It is a good place to wrap up the story or add one last piece of information. Nice job dressing up for the story.

INTERVIEWS: An interview with a parent who is getting their child's kit done would have really benefited the story.

ORIGINALITY: Timely and relevant.

WRITING: Excellent. Very well written.

VIDEO: Great shots of the program. Nice job showing the steps to putting the kit together. Good variety of b roll. Some tight shots would have added to the story.

AUDIO: Clear audio.

EDITING: Story flowed nicely but there were a few times when you cut to black. That signifies to a viewer that the story is over. Make sure you use b roll to transition. Also there were a lot of fades. It is generally better to use straight cuts in a news piece. Use fades sparingly.

OVERALL: Great topic for a story. Well written and told. Next time, work on tightening up the editing so there are not cuts to black. Also, you need to have 5 seconds of b roll pad at the beginning and end of the story. This helps us in post-production. If your story is a little short we can use pad to make it fit in the broadcast schedule.