"It was with a great deal of sadness that I learned that prosecutors are
reviewing an arrest warrant application for possible criminal
misdemeanor charges against Representative O'Rourke. This is extremely
difficult for everyone involved in this tragedy. My thoughts are with
the family and friends of Carol Sinisgalli, as they are with Jim and his
family this morning.

"We do not yet know if prosecutors or a judge will sign the warrant.
However, given these developments, I have made the decision to suspend
Representative O'Rourke from his leadership position in the House
Democratic Caucus as deputy speaker. Representative O'Rourke needs to be
able to devote his attention to these personal and legal matters. While
he does so, he will not be able to adequately carry out the additional
responsibilities of deputy speaker during an especially challenging time
in the legislature.

"I understand that Representative O'Rourke has cooperated fully with
police investigators throughout this ordeal. I am hopeful that this will
be resolved soon."