Date Posted: April 20, 2007
School: East Granby High School
Town: East Granby
Slug: Hat Day
Status: Broadcast
Length: 50

DELIVERY: Good job. Clear and delivered at a good pace.

INTERVIEWS: Good sound bites and good sources. Good angels for the interviews.

ORIGINALITY: Good story choices.

WRITING: Well written.

VIDEO: There wasn't a reason for the camera movement in the story. Make sure there is a specific reason to do it. The shots were mostly medium. You needed to have some tight shots of a hat or someone donating their money. The first interview was against a white wall and that made the face appear to have shadows. Either shoot with a light or a different background.

AUDIO: Pretty good. Good microphone placement.

EDITING: There was a jump cut going into the second interview. Cover that with b-roll.

OVERALL: Good job. Next time work on getting more b-roll and better mix of tight, medium and wide shots. That will help with the editing and flow of the story overall.