Date: April 21, 2008
School: Daniel Hand High School
Town: Madison
Slug: Madison Penguin Plunge
Status: Re-Submit
Length: 50.5

DELIVERY: Good pace easy to understand. Nice energy in the stand up.

INTERVIEWS: Good people to interview but look for stronger bites. The first sound bite was mostly just yes or no questions and one-word answers with the reporters questions. Look for a something the interviewee says that will add to the package. The second sound bite was better.

ORIGINALITY: Good charity event story.

WRITING: Well written.

VIDEO: Some shaky shots. Always use a tripod. Second interview was shot looking up at the teacher. Camera should be at eye level with person being interviewed. Also the video on the teachers interview was a bit washed out.

AUDIO: Good.

EDITING: The story was about people jumping into icy waters for charity but you never showed us that. You had no footage of people doing the plunge.

OVERALL: Story is half a second too long and won't fit into our broadcast schedule at this length. Also you need to get footage of the topic of the story. You had shots of people before the event but you need actual action footage to go along with the story.


Date Posted: March 14, 2008
School: Daniel Hand High School
Town: Madison