State Sen. Sam Caligiuri is the latest Republican to announce his intention to challenge Connecticut U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd next year.


      Caligiuri announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination Tuesday while standing on his front lawn in Waterbury. He is in his second term in the General Assembly,


      He criticizes Dodd as being "out of touch" and having been in Washington too long.


Questions are being asked about the Waterbury Police presence at Caligiuri's announcement and the number of officers assigned to the event in the cash strapped city.


Fox 61 Political Reporter Shelly Sindland observed around six officers for a gathering of 50 people at Caligiuri's home in Waterbury. The officers were directing traffic and blocking off the street.


Evan Kozlow, a consultant with the Caligiuri campaign, said, "We let the police know that we were putting on this event and they decided what to do from there." Kozlow said. "It was a safety precaution and we were trying to be prudent because of all the traffic, this is a residential neighborhood."


When asked who will foot the bill for the half dozen or so cops at the event, Kozlow responded, "We will incur the costs, if necessary."


Former U.S. Representative Rob Simmons of the 2nd District has also announced he is running for the GOP nomination for the Senate seat.


      Caligiuri holds a master's degree in religion from Yale University, a political science degree from Boston College and a law degree from The Catholic University of America in Washington.

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Shelly Sindland's Twitter Feed of the press conference