UPDATE: Wawasee bus surveillance video shows crash from the inside

We are getting a new look at the four school-bus crash in North Webster that we now know injured 80 kids. The video above was taken as the accident happened from surveillance cameras on the buses.

The four Wawasee Community School drivers have been identified.

Deputies have determined that Cynthia K. Routh, 64, North Webster, was the lead bus driver that had stopped to allow a student to exit her school bus.  David W. Granger, 63, Warsaw, was following behind Routh's bus. Julie K. Close, 47, Syracuse, drove the third bus, directly behind Granger.

The final and rear bus was driven by John R. Wagoner, 61, North Webster.  Wagoner's school bus hit the rear of the bus driven by Close that caused the chain reaction crash of all vehicles, according to police.

Parkview Regional Medical Center officials have advised police investigators that Wagoner was out of surgery from Wednesday night and is currently listed in stable and fair condition from internal injuries.

According to the Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department, all of the bus drivers involved in the crash will be required to take drug and alcohol tests, a standard procedure after a crash.

The two front buses had surveillance cameras. That video that was handed over to the Indiana State Police. Although the superintendent says the quality of the video from the second bus isn't that good.

The back two buses, which sustained the most damage, were older and didn't have cameras. The four damaged buses are being held at the school district's bus garage.

A sheriff's department sergeant says they are continuing to investigate and they don't expect to know exactly why the crash happened until next week.

"Our reconstruction will evaluate some of the information that was obtained yesterday on the crash of the vehicles,” said Sgt. Chad Hill. “Try to obtain a potential speed of the last vehicle that struck the three vehicles. We're also waiting for information from the Indiana State Police about their commercial vehicles section that will actually check the mechanics of the buses." 

The superintendent says they've never had an issue with John Wagoner.

Thursday afternoon Wagoner was listed in stable and fair condition.  

The school district made counselors available to students but as of 2 p.m. Thursday no students had taken advantage of that.

WSBT visited Wagoner's house in North Webster to talk to family members but no one was home. We also tried getting in contact with him at the hospital but haven't heard back.

Student says she's done riding the bus

We met with a young girl who was on one of those buses and was sent to the hospital.

Her name is Brittany Eryman. We spoke to the Wawasee High School senior and her mother.

Brittany says she'll never ride the bus again.

“I was getting ready to throw something away in the trash can and I had my body turned half way,” Brittany said. “I saw a bus coming and I could tell it wasn't going to stop."

Brittany doesn't remember what bus she was in, she just knows she was in the back seat.

"The bus that went through my window,” she said. “I went forward and back and the bus that went through our bus is what I hit my head on."

Brittany quickly felt sharp pains running from her head and neck all the way down to her lower back. Her first instinct was to get off the bus.

Once she was off the bus, she called her mom to tell her what had happened. Her mother, Amy, rushed to the scene and found Brittany sitting on the side of the road among the most severely injured.

"It was a mother's worst nightmare,” Amy said. “I'm sorry. I just knew that I needed to get to her as soon as I could to make sure that my kid was OK."

Brittany was eventually taken to Kosciusko Community Hospital and wasn't released until 9 Wednesday night.

"I was on a backboard the whole time, strapped in with a head brace, seatbelts cross taped, and I couldn't move for about six hours."

The family commends Brittany’s bus driver for his quick response to help with the kids.

"They said I was very lucky to be alive. Very lucky. They said if the bus that hit us was going any faster then I probably wouldn't be here today,” she said.

Wawasee Community Schools resumed classes Thursday and the district had to use spare buses to make it through the day.

Brittany went to school Thursday for an hour. She had a speech prepared for one of her classes and wanted to get a good grade, so she put the pain aside and went to her class.

The superintendent joked that he told her teacher that Brittany had better get an A.